Give a Duck


In 2017 the Lotumbe Community Development Committee asked for HandUp Congo's help in sourcing seed money for this sustainable, social development enterprise that will directly help orphans.  The seed money was raised, however, the project is not yet sustainable without further support as the needs are so great.


The situation

In Lotumbe, there is a hamlet of Pygmies, 106 of whom are orphaned children. In the same community live 66 other orphans from another ethnic group.

The 40 Pygmy boys and 66 Pygmy girls have been orphaned by disease such as Ebola, AIDS, measles, cholera, accidents or warfare.

In Lotumbe, there is no orphanage. It is up to the community to provide care for them.

Help provide mobility


Two of the Pygmy orphans have significant physical disabilities. Proceeds from the project will make it possible to provide them with bicycle wheelchairs, which can carry schoolbooks, tools and supplies.

The orphans want to attend school to improve their chances for a better life. However, government policy states that each child must pay school fees, have a school uniform and contribute to teacher stipends, in order to attend school. This costs $20 AUD per student/per year.

The Pygmy orphans do not have $20. 

These orphans have a big idea.


They want to raise ducks to sell the eggs.

ducks with boy.JPG

They want to raise fruit trees to sell the fruit.


They want sell these products at local and nearby riverside markets.


This proactive social enterprise is already improving their nutrition and farming skills, as well as providing an income, leading to positive change.


You can help

ensure food security.

  • Ducks cost $7.00 AUD.
  • Fruit trees cost $1.50 to $3.50  AUD.
  • Animal husbandry training for all the orphans and vaccines for domestic fowls is urgently needed. $3000 AUD.
  • Farming tools, such as hoes, machetes and spades are also needed $55 AUD.

Your generous donation


Your donation of any amount will be gratefully received and used to help the Pygmy orphans help themselves. Please designate “DUCKS”.

Australians receive tax deductIbility. If you are another nationality, email for information.


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